Medicines Manufactured

in Sri Lanka

by Sri Lankans

for the World!

15 Members

15 Members

15 Members

Our Vision

To promote the efficiency of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in order to ensure medicinal products of the highest quality are readily available for the prevention and treatment of human diseases.

Our Mission

To make every endeavor to maintain and enhance the reputation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and its contribution to public health and welfare and to assist and co-operate with the Government and other Authorities on such matters.

SLPMA In Brief

SLPMA members manufacture high quality medicines in factories approved and monitored by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) of Sri Lanka and operating in line with the World Health Organisation’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. Since 2015 they’ve provided over 80 essential medicines for the government sector through a Guaranteed Buy back scheme, accounting for 24% of medicines used in the government sector, reducing emergency purchases, quality failures and volatile delivery of products that used to be the case earlier.
Currently holding 15% of the local pharmaceuticals market the SLPMA aims to help the country save billions of dollars of annual expenditure on pharmaceutical imports by increasing the production of world-class pharma.