The Sri Lanka Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers’ Association, was formed in 1963 conceptualized as the official body for local manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. Today, it is affiliated to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the Ministry of Health, with its membership including local manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical devices.
From its very inception the primary objective of the SLPMA was to promote the efficiency of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in order to ensure that medicinal products of the highest quality are readily available for the prevention and treatment of human diseases.
Since 2015 SLPMA members have provided over 80 essential medicines for the government sector through a Guaranteed Buy back scheme that the Association successfully lobbied for, accounting for 24% of medicines used in the government sector. This agreement has resulted in reducing emergency pharmaceutical purchases from overseas, quality failures and volatile delivery of products as was the case earlier.
The local pharmaceuticals industry employs over 2000 people directly, and supports the livelihood of over 20,000 persons involved in affiliate business, and is poised to double production capacity in the forthcoming years.
The SLPMA currently controls 15% of the local pharmaceuticals market and is working closely with the government to help the country save billions of dollars of annual expenditure on pharmaceutical imports by increasing the production of world-class pharmaceuticals locally to provide quality cost-effective medicines to all Sri Lankans.
ChannelEstimated Market(USD Mn)Channel ShareImported Share Local Share
Govt. Hospitals24537%76%24%
Stocking Doctors325%50%50%

Benefits to Local Manufacturers

It is the objective of the SLPMA to promote the interests of its members relating to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical chemicals and medical devices in Sri Lanka. The Association makes every endeavour to maintain and enhance the reputation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and its contribution to public health and welfare and to assist and co-operate with the Government and other Authorities on such matters.
The collective power of the industry body ensures that concerns and grievances of the membership are readily heard and addressed by the authorities, as the SLPMA is geared to represent the views of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in all matters affecting the interests of members of the Association. In addition to this, the SLPMA assists the authorities in the drafting of departmental or Parliamentary legislation affecting the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the welfare of the workers engaged in it.

Contribution to
the Nation

Since the very first private pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility opened its doors in Sri Lanka, the nation and its public has benefited from the advantage of high quality medicines being manufactured right here at home. The modern GMP certified manufacturing facilities of SLPMA members are today monitored by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) of Sri Lanka ensuring only the highest quality medicines are issued to the Sri Lankan people. Our contribution of 85 different medicines to government hospitals are further testament to the continuing importance the SLPMA places on contributing to the national cause.
We believe it is our duty to supports the Government of Sri Lanka as a partner in development, by creating a robust local pharmaceutical manufacturing culture, ensuring medicine security, saving on foreign exchange lost on imports and boosting the export economy as a producer to the world.
The SLPMA is working closely with the government in this regard to increase the inclusion of more locally manufactures drugs in to government hospitals; to support the reduction of the over USD 400 million in foreign exchange the country spends each year in importing these drugs, and to promote medicine security in times of crises.

Therapeutic Classes and Dosage Forms

Members of the SLPMA produce pharmaceuticals for a range of therapeutic classes and in a variety of dosage forms to the highest international standards

Therapeutic Classes

Pharmacological ClassificationTherapeutic Classes
ANTI-INFECTIVESAnti-Bacterial, Penicillin, Cephalosporin, Quinolones, Macrolide, Anti-Fungal, Anthelmintic
ANTIBIABETIC DRUGSSulphonylurea Drugs, Biguanides, Dpp-4 Inhibitor
ANTI-MALIGNANT DRUGSHormonal Drugs, Cytotoxic Drugs, Targeted Drugs
CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM DRUGSAnti-Coagulant, Beta Blockers, Alpha Blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Antianaemic, Anti-Anginal, Diuretic
CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DRUGSAnalgesics, Anticonvulsants, Antiemetic/Antivertigo Agents, Antiparkinson Agents, CNS Stimulants, General Anesthetics, Muscle Relaxants
EAR, MOUTH, NASAL & SKIN PREPARATIONSAnti-Septic Mouth Wash, Nasal Sprays, Gels for Mouth Ulcers, Creams & Ointments
GASTRO-INTESTINAL SYSTEM DRUGSAnti-Diarrheal, Antacid, Anti-Flatulant, Anti-Ulcerants, Osmotic Laxative, Antiemetic
HORMONESThyroid Hormones
INJECTABLESDry Powder Injectables, Penicillin, Cephalosporin
NUTRITION & BORDERLINE SUBSTANCESMultivitamin Syrups, Multivitamin Tablets, B-Complex Syrups, Tablets, Calcium And Vitamin D Supplement, Healing Herbs
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DRUGSBronchodilators, Inhaled Corticosteroids, Mucolytics Cough & Cold Preparations, Cough Expectorants And Suppressants, Non Sedative Antihistamines,Sedative Antihistamines, Xanthine, Anti-Rhinitis

Dosage Forms




Breath Induced Device for Dry Powder Capsules


Capsules (Standard / Delayed Release)


Dry Powder Inhalations


Dry Powder Injectables


Dry Powder Suspensions


Gels & Balms


Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)


Nasal Spray




Oral Liquids


Tablets (Standard / Prolonged Release)

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